Info and Board of Directors

Purpose: The purpose of the Lexington Wildcat Booster Club is to actively promote and support all phases of Lexington High School with emphasis on athletic programs.

Membership: Membership is by category and is determined annually by the Board of Directors.  Membership categories are designed by the level of contribution.  Memberships are annual, running from August 1 to July 31.

Board of Directors: Membership on the Booster Club Board of Directors requires nomination by an existing Board member and approval by a majority of the Board.

Officers: Officers are elected annually based on nominations from the Board of Directors. 

Wildcat Athletic Booster Club Officers

President Mark Zona,

Vice President Todd Koesters

Treasurers Regina Jacoby

Secretary Marian Newman

Membership Coordinator Vickie Davis

Miss Wildcat Coordinator Marian Newman

Spirit Store Open

Marketing and Athletic Publication Editor Marcie Leaphart

Board of Directors: Beth Altenberg, Tricia Beiers, Jennifer Cooper, Lance and Kelli Daniel, Kevin and Kelli Fringer, Regina Jacoby, Robbie and Lynn Kirven, Todd Koesters, Mandy Lane, Jeff and Marian Newman, Ashley Ray, Tiffany Walker, Jamie and Jane Waters, David and Jessica Watts, Jody Young, Mark Zona

Disbursement of Funds: Funds are raised by the Booster Club to benefit all athletic teams at Lexington High School based on need.  Coaches make requests to the Athletic Director who presents the requests to the Board for approval.  The Board does not initiate any funding to an athletic team without a detailed request from the Athletic Department.

Constitution: Click on the link below to review the Constitution for the Lexington Wildcat Athletic Booster Club 

LWABC Constitution