Boys Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · Boys Win Region Title; Finish 16th at State

by Jennifer Shockley

The Boys Varsity Swim team took home the Region Championship this year, beating out the Gators 236 to 231 in a fight to the finish.

In the Boys 200 Meter Freestyle, William Cronin took first place at 2:09.86 and Vince White took second place at 2:11.95 – both securing their spots at the State Meet. Nate Halloran along with William and Vince also qualified for the Boys 400 Meter Freestyle taking second and third and fourth in that race.

Senior Rence Coker and John Coker both earned a State nod with their Boys 200 Meter IM times, finishing at 3rd and 5th . Rence Coker took first place in the Boys 100 Meter Breastroke finishing fast at 1:12.50 – also a championship time!

James David earned a State spot in the 50 Meter Freestyle finishing third at 25.63 and also qualified in the Boys 100 Meter Butterfly finishing first at 1:01.93!

The Boys Relay team also won first in the 400 Meter Freestyle and Morgan Durnford, Rence Coker, Elijah Coker, and William Cronin secured a state spot in the event!

Top finishers in the Region battled it out at the AAAAA State Championship in North Charleston on Monday 10/12/2020. The Wildcat Boys Team qualifiers were: Senior Rence Coker, James David, Morgan Durnford, Vince White, John Coker, William Cronin, Elijah Coker and Nate Halloran.

It was a big night for the Lexington Boys with every swimmer cutting time and earning new personal bests in every event.

James David won a Bronze Medal in the Boys 100 Butterfly finishing fast and flying into 3rd place – Congratulation James! The Wildcats took 16th in the State!

In the 200 IM, Nate Halloran dropped 3.35 seconds for 22nd place, John Coker dropped 2.82 seconds for 18th place and Rence Coker dropped 6.6 seconds for 17th place.

In the 200 Freestyle, William Cronin dropped 0.7 seconds for 27th place and Vince White dropped 3.59 seconds for 22nd place.

In the 50 Freestyle, Elijah Coker dropped 0.08 seconds for 26th place and James David dropped 0.96 seconds in the 50 Freestyle for 5th place!

In the 100 Freestyle, Elijah Coker dropped 0.36 for 20th place.

In the 100 Butterfly, John Coker dropped 1.46 seconds for 18th place and James David dropped 3.53 seconds for the 3rd place Bronze Medal!

In the 100 Breaststroke, Rence Coker Dropped 4.16 seconds for 9th place.

In the 500 Freestyle, Nate Halloran dropped 4.09 seconds for 19th place, William Cronin dropped 1.18 seconds for 16th place and Vince White dropped 7.59 seconds for 13th place.

Congratulation to our 2020 Region Champs and our Wildcat 5A State Team! Next year will be a huge year for the Boys Varsity Swim Team – do not miss it!